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Interactive program that follows eye lines and causes behaviors in each window to change when people look in. Some people are friendly, others frightened, and some unaware of your presence. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Created with Processing.

An Area That Might Be Called: The Twilight Zone
Scenes from Twilight Zone episodes form multiple narratives that are generated by a computer program, (a generrative). The program edits each scene based on movement (like opening a door), and associations of sight line (like looking off camera). Audio from one episode creates different associations between each new scene created, and ties them together. Created with Processing.

Alarm Will Sound
Installation project made for Performance and Technology Lab at ucla d|ma. Alarm sounds unless a person stands in a marked box with their arms raised high. As participants arms become weary, the alarm is reactivated, unless someone else is willing to take their spot. It really becomes a chore to tend to the alarm. I noticed some people have fun turning it on and off, but that fun seemed to fade quickly, especially because of the other people around that would have preferred that it just remained off. Created with Processing. Featured on Kotaku.